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Cosmetic Medical & Skin Condition Treatment


At Rippon Medical Services, Dr Adrian Rippon specialises in treatments of Disease, disorder and injury is experienced in treating a wide spectrum of medical cosmetic conditions and skin problems.

Conditions are diagnosed and treated in our CQC Registered Medical Advanced Aesthetic & Minor Surgery Clinic at Carlisle, Cumbria. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care and outcomes using our extensive portfolio of medical treatments with the most advanced medical expertise.

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Aesthetic Condition Treatments in Carlisle, Cumbria


Treatments for Skin Conditions at Rippon Medical Services

In a world where beauty standards often eclipse genuine well-being, at Rippon Medical Services, we understand that skin health isn't just about the surface. Beneath each pore, wrinkle, and blemish lies a narrative – stories of battles won, challenges faced, and the intricacies of our biology. Every person's skin, with its unique texture and tone, is a testament to their journey. 

However, sometimes, amidst life's twists and turns, the skin encounters conditions that alter its narrative. From the frustration of excessive sweating to the unsolicited blush of rosacea, skin conditions can be more than just physical challenges; they can be emotional hurdles too.

That’s where we come in. Driven by the passion and expertise of Dr. Adrian Rippon, Rippon Medical Services is the place for expert care, covering a range of skin conditions. Nestled in the heart of Carlisle, Cumbria, our clinic isn’t just about treatments; it's about transformative experiences. Here, every concern is heard, every condition is understood, and every treatment is personalised. We're not just offering solutions; we're crafting a renewed journey for your skin, ensuring it tells a story you're proud of.

At Rippon Medical Services, we’re dedicated to understanding and treating your skin's unique needs. Curious about treatments for excessive sweating, acne scars, hay fever or rosacea? We have solutions crafted for every concern.

about us

Dr A G Rippon

Dr Rippon graduated from the University of Dundee in 1998 with a MBCHB degree (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) He is a fully qualified medical doctor with full registration by the General Medical Council (GMC). While enjoying a career as a Principal G.P for fourteen years he developed special interests in minor surgery and Medical Aesthetics.

Jane-Louise Rippon

Jane qualified in 1992 with a Bsc(Hons) Nursing studies degree and registered as an RGN. Jane went on to become a sister in the Accident and Emergency department and, an Emergency Nurse Practitioner in the Minor Injuries Unit, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle. After taking time out to concentrate on their four children, Jane now runs Rippon Medical Services as Managing Director and has a sound knowledge of aesthetic medicine.
Rippon Medical - Facial Aesthetics in Carlisle, Cumbria
Rippon Medical - Minor Aesthetic Surgery in Carlisle, Cumbria

the treatments

Dr Rippon performs curettage (scraping off), shave excisions (slicing off), cryotherapy (freezing off) and full excision (cutting off), of lesions.  Lesions can either be completely removed, or a small sample taken.

Moles are sent to the laboratory for testing to make an accurate diagnosis. Other lesions may be sent off to the laboratory under the discretion of Dr Rippon.

Lesions can either be completely removed, or a small sample taken. Moles are sent to the laboratory for testing to make an accurate diagnosis. Other lesions may be sent off to the laboratory under the discretion of Dr Rippon.

the clinic

International Expert Masterclass trained, Dr Rippon is the leading Medical Aesthetic Doctor in Cumbria. Elected and a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine Dr Rippon believes in safety, excellence and helping you look the most fabulous version of yourself.

He runs his busy private medical aesthetics & minor surgery clinic full time, always on hand for his patients.

Rippon Medical - Facial Aesthetics in Carlisle, Cumbria
Excessive Sweating Treatment: Reclaim Confidence

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. If you're in search of an effective hyperhidrosis treatment, look no further. Dr. Adrian Rippon's expertise can guide you through the best excessive sweating treatment options tailored for you. Imagine not having to think twice before raising your hand or choosing what to wear? With our underarm botox® treatments, this can be your reality.

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Why Choose Rippon Medical Services To Treat Skin Conditions?

Experience Speaks Volumes
Under the proficient guidance of Dr. Adrian Rippon, our clinic boasts a rich history of treating various skin conditions, backed by a trail of satisfied patients.


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