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Jaw Line Slimming

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Jaw Line Slimming / Teeth Grinding


The use of BOTOX® For teeth grinding, aka bruxism, the unconscious clenching and grinding of the teeth that takes place during the night (while you are asleep) has been a fairly recent and seemingly successful alternative therapy for persons suffering from teeth grinding at night.

Bruxism affects an estimated 1 in 12 adults and has several side effects including a face that appears shortened between the chin and nose and/or enlarged masseter muscle which can enlarge the jaw.

Jaw line slimming in Carlisle, Cumbria, from Rippon Medical Services

This enlarged jaw can actually look good on some men. But it doesn’t tend to suit the feminine jaw line as it can give the jawline a squarer appearance. This is generally due to an increase in the size of the masseter (jaw line) muscles that results in a widening of the jaw line. With advanced techniques and specialised use of Botulinum Toxin the strength and size of the masseter muscle can be reduced giving a softer angle at the jaw, a less square jaw and a more youthful oval face.

The procedure has no downtime and patients generally notice softening of the masseter muscle at one week and softening of the jaw line at around 6-8 weeks. To maintain the results six monthly treatments are normally recommended.

How does BOTOX®work?

Quick answer: It blocks the nerve signals to the muscles thus relaxing them.

Where do the injections go?

Quick answer: Treatment areas typically include the temporalis, lateral pyterygoid and the masseter muscle.

BOTOX® injections should be performed by qualified injectors and at Rippon Medical Services you can be comforted by knowing that you will be seen and treated by Dr Rippon, international expert masterclass trained aesthetic doctor.

Botox treatment in Carlisle, Cumbria, from Rippon Medical Services

About Our Jawline Slimming Treatment

Botox®  has emerged as a promising and relatively new treatment for bruxism, which is commonly known as teeth grinding. Typically, this condition involves unconscious clenching and grinding of teeth during nighttime sleep. However, Botox®  has shown potential as an effective alternative therapy for individuals struggling with teeth grinding at night. 

Bruxism affects approximately 1 in 12 adults and presents several side effects, such as a visibly shortened appearance of the face between the chin and nose. Additionally, it may lead to an enlargement of the masseter muscle, resulting in an enlarged jaw.

For men, a larger jaw is not as much of a concern, but on a feminine jawline, it can create a squarer look which is typically less desirable. The reason behind this lies in the increased size of the masseter (jawline) muscles, causing a widening effect. 

Fret not! Advancements in techniques and the specialised use of Botulinum Toxin allow for the reduction of masseter muscle strength and size, resulting in a softer and less square jawline while giving you a more youthful oval face.

The procedure is quick and requires no downtime. Our patients typically observe the softening of the masseter muscle after one week and the jawline becomes more defined around 6-8 weeks post-treatment. In order to sustain the desired results, it is usually recommended to undergo the procedure every 3-6 months.

The Advantages of Our Treatment

At Rippon Medical Services, our jawline slimming treatment can enhance your facial aesthetics by creating a more slender and contoured jawline, leading to a more balanced and attractive appearance. 

In addition to this, our procedure can help alleviate symptoms associated with teeth grinding, such as headaches, jaw pain and teeth wear. By injecting Botox®  into your masseter muscles, they become temporarily relaxed, reducing their size and strength. 

This is particularly beneficial for individuals with a bulky or square jawline caused by an overdeveloped masseter muscle. Our non-surgical approach avoids the risks and downtime associated with different invasive surgical procedures.

Moreover, our treatment is quick, relatively painless and requires minimal recovery time, thereby enabling you to resume your regular activities almost immediately. Along with this, the effects last typically for 3-6 months, allowing patients to assess their satisfaction and adjust if the need arises.

At Rippon Medical, we believe in creating a safe and trustworthy relationship with our clients. Hence, our jawline slimming injections are performed by Dr Rippon. At our clinic, you can be assured that you are in safe hands as most of our patients are seen and treated by Dr Rippon, an International expert and masterclass-trained aesthetic doctor. 

Why Choose Rippon Medical Services?

Our commitment to excellence

Rippon Medical Services offers outstanding options for individuals in search of cutting-edge cosmetic procedures. Under the guidance of our esteemed medical aesthetic specialist, Dr Rippon, our clinic is dedicated to delivering impressive outcomes and guaranteeing the highest level of patient contentment. 

Our emphasis on safety is unwavering, with all procedures conducted in a medical environment under the supervision of a qualified expert. Moreover, we strive to surpass expectations by accentuating your inherent beauty and boosting your self-assurance. 

Choosing our services guarantees you an unparalleled blend of proficiency and genuine concern for advanced aesthetic procedures. Allow us to be your companions on a transformative voyage to rediscover your beauty and embrace a more radiant version of yourself.


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