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Seborrhoeic Warts

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What is a Seborrhoeic Wart?
A Seborrhoeic Wart is also known as Seborrhoeic Keratosis. In the past they were also called “senile” warts. They usually look like greasy or crusty spots which seem stuck on to the skin. The colour varies greatly, depending on the underlying skin colour and its melanin content. Usually they are darkish brown or black.

Seborrhoeic warts are usually round or oval, but can also have an irregular shape. Their size can vary from around a few millimeters to large areas of usually “confluent” warts of larger sizes.

Seborrhoeic warts tend to appear from the early to mid-forties onwards. They can sometimes run in families. We do not know the cause of seborrhoeic warts. Some patients develop several and sometimes many of these keratotic lesions as they become older. Also, as time goes by, each wart tends to grow slightly and become darker. Sometimes they can fall off by themselves, particularly if they are quite brittle while the fatty ones do not tend to fall of easily. Sometimes a wart can get a bit inflamed and can fall off afterwards. They can occur anywhere on your body, other than on your palms or soles.
Skin tags are small, brown or flesh-coloured growths that protrude from the surface of the skin. They can be found anywhere on the skin but are typically found in areas where the skin rubs against itself. Though generally harmless and nothing to worry about they are aesthetically unappealing and can rub on clothing causing irritation.

Treatment is quick and easy, with a range of removal options available, Cryotherapy, Thermocoagulation therapy via Veinwave, Ligation in which the end of the tag is tied off, interrupting its blood supply and causing it to fall off.

Tags can also be surgically removed with a scalpel. You will be seen as an outpatient and be able to go home following the procedure. All these treatments are carried out under a local anaesthetic and are expertly removed. There will be a small white scar where the skin tag has been removed. Post treatment advice and follow up will be given.


Surgical Skin Tag Removal costs £150.00
Aftercare with Dr A G Rippon
Full access to our post-operative care
7 Day follow up with Dr A G Rippon
Per Additional Surgical Skin Tag Removal - £50.00
(if removed at the same time)


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