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Non-Surgical Nose Job Carlisle | Rippon Medical Services

Non-Surgical Nose Job
Or Nose reshaping

Facial Aesthetic Treatments in Carlisle, Cumbria

Non-Surgical Nose Job or Nose reshaping

Balance or Straighten Your Nose With Immediate Results

Non-surgical nose reshaping is an alternative to nasal surgery. Using a precise series of injections of Radiesse (a particular type of dermal filler), we can soften sharp angles of your nose, fill depressions and change the shape of the tip of your nose. You have complete control over the procedure and can follow the results as the injections are administered by Dr Rippon who will discuss exactly what you are trying to achieve at the initial Medical Aesthetic Consultation.

Should you decide to go ahead with the treatment the results are immediate and there is no recovery time because the procedure rarely causes bruising or swelling.

Non-Surgical Nose Job – Is it right for me?

People who wish to decrease the appearance of bumps on their nose

People with a flat nasal bridge who wish to create a bridge or augment their original bridge

People who have indentations or have asymmetric noses

People who wish to raise the tip of the nose

People who are considering having surgery and would like to see the potential result

Embrace a Refined Profile with Our Non-Surgical Nose Job

Our facial features define us, and of them all, the nose holds a prominent place. However, not everyone is born with the nose they desire. In cases like these, surgical options can be intimidating and often come with lengthy recovery periods. Enter the realm of the non-surgical nose job, also known as liquid rhinoplasty, a revolutionary approach that has been turning heads (and refining profiles) at Rippon Medical Services. 


If you have ever caught yourself pondering over reflections, wishing for a smoother nose bridge or a more lifted nose tip, our liquid rhinoplasty might be your dream come true. The widely renowned nose filler treatment is one of the most fascinating methods for reshaping your nose without the scalpel, allowing you to walk out with immediate results and minimal downtime. 

The Elegance of Liquid Rhinoplasty: Reshape Without the Wait

While traditional nose jobs might take you out of action for weeks, liquid rhinoplasty allows you to see the transformation unfold right before your eyes. 

Here is how it works: 

Immediate Transformation: By strategically using Juvéderm® a trusted dermal nose filler, Dr Rippon softens sharp angles, fills depressions, and alters the nose tip. The best part? You witness the change as soon as it happens. 

Collaborative Approach: Your vision matters. During the initial Medical Aesthetic Consultation, you and Dr Rippon will carefully discuss your aesthetic goals. As the injections are administered, you maintain complete control over the procedure, ensuring that you get the results you want. 

Minimal Downtime: One of the key attractions of our non-surgical nose job is the virtually non-existent recovery time. Rarely causing any bruising or swelling, you can step back into your daily life almost immediately after the nose filler treatment. 

Is the Non-Surgical Nose Job for You?

Many people find themselves looking for a solution to rectify imperfections and enhance their natural beauty. Are you wondering whether liquid rhinoplasty is the right choice for you? Consider this treatment if: 

Smooth Curves are Your Desire: If the bumps on your nose have you sighing and is bringing your mood down, liquid rhinoplasty might be your solution. 

Bridge Augmentation Appeals: Those with a flat nasal bridge can create or augment their original bridge, lending a symmetrical appeal. 

Perfection is in the Details: For those with indentations or asymmetric noses, a liquid rhinoplasty offers the balance you seek. 

A Lifted Tip: If you have always wished for a slightly raised nose tip, look no further than our incredible nose filler treatment. 

Testing the Waters: Considering surgical intervention but apprehensive? This is a fantastic way to visualise potential results without the commitment. 

Why Rippon Medical Services for Your Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Expert Hands:

Led by Dr Rippon, we bring to the table years of expertise in medical aesthetics, so you can rest assured that your appearance is in the best hands. 


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