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Discovering the World of Cherry Angiomas

Every person's skin tells a story. From freckles to birthmarks, our skin often bears witness to our life experiences, age, and sometimes even our concerns.

One such skin mark that many individuals come across as they age is the cherry angioma. It's a common skin lesion, distinctive because of its vibrant red hue, often found on areas like the torso, arms, and shoulders. 

Although they might look alarming, especially if they suddenly appear or multiply, it's essential to understand that cherry angiomas are typically harmless. However, understanding what causes cherry angiomas and knowing when to seek professional advice is paramount for peace of mind.

What Exactly Are Cherry Angiomas?

Put simply, a cherry angioma is a tiny, bright red spot that can appear anywhere on your body. These spots are the result of blood vessels that have clumped together and come closer to the skin's surface. They can be flat or slightly raised, giving them a 'bumpy' appearance. For most people, cherry angiomas on the face or body won’t cause any pain or discomfort. Yet, due to their bold colour, they can sometimes be a cosmetic concern.

Cherry Angiomas or ‘Campbell de Morgan’ spots are a type of skin lesion. They are named due to their distinctive red colour, caused by broken or damaged blood vessels within them. They can be flat or raised and are usually found on the torso, arms and shoulders (although they can appear anywhere.) This type of lesion is benign and should not cause you any problems, but they may bleed if they are scratched, rubbed or knocked. As with any skin lesion, if you notice changes in size, shape or colour,
it would be best to ask your doctor to check it for your peace of mind.

Cherry Angiomas will not disappear on their own, but they can be removed at our clinic in Carlisle.

Digging into the Causes

While the exact reason behind the formation of cherry angiomas is still unclear, here are some factors that play a role:

Age: As we grow older, the chances of these angiomas appearing increase. This is why many people often associate them with ageing.

Genetics: If your family members have them, there's a possibility you might develop them too.

Hormonal shifts: Changes in hormones, especially during events like pregnancy, can sometimes trigger their appearance.

Exposure to chemicals: Certain chemicals might increase the risk, although this isn’t confirmed.

It's worth noting that while these factors might contribute to the development of cherry angiomas, they're not the definitive cause. Their exact origin remains somewhat mysterious.

When to Seek Professional Insight

Although cherry angiomas are benign, it’s wise to keep an eye on any skin change. If you observe any sudden alterations in size, colour, or shape in your angiomas on your face or any part of the body, it’s recommended to consult a specialist. They can provide guidance, reassurance, and if needed, suggest the best angioma removal method suitable for you. Moreover, if they bleed or become bothersome, seeking advice is the right step.

Cherry Angioma Removal in the UK: A Path to Clearer Skin

If you’re someone who wishes to get rid of these spots, know that you're not alone. Many people in the UK and around the world seek cherry angioma removal. Here's how you can bid them goodbye:

Veinwave treatments: Laser treatment for cherry angiomas is a popular option. It targets the blood vessels causing the angioma, diminishing its appearance without affecting the surrounding skin.

Electrocautery: This method involves using an electric current to burn off the angioma. It's precise, ensuring minimal impact on the nearby skin areas.

Cryotherapy: Here, the cherry angioma is frozen using a cold substance, often liquid nitrogen. Once frozen, it falls off.

Remember, the best approach for cherry angioma removal depends on the angioma's size, location, and your personal preference. It's always best to discuss your options with a professional.

Your Trusted Partner for Facial Angioma Treatment and More

At our clinic in Carlisle, we understand the need to feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Whether it's a facial angioma that has been bugging you or cherry angiomas on other parts of your body, our expert doctor is equipped with the knowledge and tools to assist you. From the initial consultation, where we assess your skin and listen to your concerns, to the aftercare where we ensure you’re healing well, we're with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to start your journey to clearer skin? Book a consultation or get in touch with us now!


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