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Pilar Cyst

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Are you looking for a pilar cyst treatment in Carlisle? Rippon Medical Services has you covered.

Everyone has experienced the occasional skin issue. Yet, not all skin problems are equal. Among them, pilar cysts can be particularly bothersome. Think of pilar cysts as those bumpy tenants that occasionally take residence on your scalp. If you have them, you're not alone, and the good news is: they can be treated!

Pilar cysts are growths that find their origins around hair follicles, primarily on the scalp. Predominantly noticed in middle-aged adults, these cysts are more commonly found in women.

In fact, they can be passed down in families, which means if your parents had them, there's a chance you might develop them too.

While easily done, it is essential not to confuse pilar cysts with other kinds of cysts. You might have heard of epidermoid cysts or sebaceous cysts, and while they might seem similar, they're not the same.

Pilar Cyst vs. Sebaceous Cyst: What’s the Difference?

What makes a pilar cyst different from the more common sebaceous cyst? Let’s find out.

Origin: Pilar cysts are birthed from cells akin to those in the depths of hair follicles. On the other hand, epidermoid cysts come from the top layer of our skin, known as the epidermis.

Content: Sebaceous cysts are known for holding a semi-liquid material, known as sebum. These cysts, which can appear almost anywhere on your body and can sometimes become tender or even infected, especially if they're bothered too much.

Addressing Pilar Cysts: The How and Where

Let's cut to the chase: you've got a pilar cyst, and you’re considering removal. What's the next step? Here’s where the expertise of Dr. Rippon comes into the picture.

The Removal Process: When it comes to the process of a scalp cyst removal, it is quite straightforward. At the start of your surgery, Dr. Rippon will numb the area to minimise pain and discomfort. Then using precision and care, the cyst and its protective sac will be removed. Removing the protective sac as well as the cyst is essential to minimise the unwanted return of these cysts.

Post-Treatment Journey: Once the cyst is out, it’s time to address the after care. At Rippon Medical Services, you'll be equipped with guidance on post-treatment care, including how to ensure that everything heals neatly. If you have stitches, a follow-up will have them removed in about a week.

The Assurance of Expertise: Getting a pilar cyst treatment for the first time can feel daunting. Yet, with Dr. Rippon, you will feel fully informed and at ease. From an initial assessment to post-procedure support, you're cared for at every step.

Ensuring Your Scalp Stays Cyst-Free

One cyst might be a coincidence, but finding them over and over again may become a problem. In cases like these it’s natural to want to find out how to prevent pilar cysts and while there’s no foolproof method, being aware and proactive can make a big difference. Here are a few simple tips:

Regular Check-ups: Just like you keep an eye on any changes to your skin, keep tabs on your scalp too. If you notice anything unusual, getting it checked is recommended for peace of mind.

Understand Your Risk: Since pilar cysts can be a family affair, knowing your family's skin history can prepare you for potential issues. 

Stay Informed: Knowledge is power! The more you know about symptoms or potential triggers of an infected pilar cyst, the better you can respond.

What is a Pilar Cyst?
Cysts that form around hair follicles are known as pilar cysts. They're often found on the scalp. Pilar cysts typically affect middle-aged adults, mostly women. Unlike epidermoid cysts, they run in families. A cyst that forms on the eyelid is called a chalazion or meibomian cyst.

More Information

For further information see our patient information leaflet.

Why Trust Rippon Medical Services with Your Pilar Cyst Concerns?

Navigating the maze of pilar cyst removal options can be overwhelming. However, with Rippon Medical Services, you are getting some of the best treatment in the UK. Here’s why:

Years of Experience: Dr. Rippon is an Advanced Aesthetic Medical Doctor, with an extensive track record in this field. With a variety of experience in addressing various skin concerns, including pilar cyst treatments, you're in capable and trustworthy hands.

Client-Centric Approach: At Rippon Medical Services, you're not just another appointment. Each consultation is tailored and each treatment personalised to what’s suitable for you.

Safety First, Always: Whether it's a one-off pilar cyst removal or addressing an infected pilar cyst, every procedure is carried out under stringent safety protocols. At Rippon Medical Services, your well-being isn't just a priority; it's a promise.

If you're ready to address your pilar cyst concerns or simply learn more, reach out to us or book a consultation now!


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