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Telangiectasia is a condition in which widened venules (tiny blood vessels) cause threadlike red lines or patterns on the skin. These patterns, or telangiectasis, form gradually and often in clusters.

They’re sometimes known as “spider veins” because of their fine and weblike appearance.

Telangiectasis are common in areas that are easily seen (such as the lips, nose, eyes, fingers, and cheeks). They can cause discomfort, and some people find them unattractive. Many people choose to have them removed. Removal is done by causing damage to the vessel and forcing it to collapse or scar. This reduces the appearance of the red marks or patterns on the skin.

Veinwave Treatment

Remove Telangiectasia

This treatment was discovered by Dr Brian Newman a vascular surgeon. He developed it in the treatment of thread veins. This involves thermo-coagulation of the vessels with a very small needle.

Treatment options with this machine:

  • Thread veins on the face – red veins commonly seen around the nose and on the cheeks
  • Milia – blocked sebaceous glands (sometimes called milk spots)
  • Spider Veins – otherwise know as telangiectasia, small veins in spider like pattern on upper body.
  • Campbell de Morgan spots – these are small cherry angiomas, they look like small red spots on the skin.
  • Skin tags


Creams will not remove your thread veins. Veinwave is the gold standard, safe, instant and effective. Our clinic and customers love it.

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Unveiling the Truth about Telangiectasia

Have you been noticing thread-like patterns or fine red lines appearing on your skin? They're small, but you know they weren't there before. 

This condition, known as telangiectasia, is when tiny blood vessels, called venules, widen, creating those threadlike patterns. Sometimes, people refer to them as “spider veins” due to their web-like appearance.

If you're reading this and you can relate, then you're in the right place. As one of the leading minor surgery clinics in the UK, we specialise in telangiectasia removal. Whether you are looking to get rid of telangiectasia on your face or elsewhere on your body, we have the best treatment for you.

Telangiectasia on the Face and Body: A Closer Look

Telangiectasia often occurs in areas we frequently expose or areas we cannot easily hide. Common spots include the lips, nose, cheeks, fingers, and eyes. Not only can they cause discomfort, but they also pose cosmetic concerns for many.

Remember, these aren't just random patterns. They are vessels that have expanded, becoming more visible beneath the skin’s surface. While they aren’t usually a massive medical concern, as they become more noticeable, many prefer to look into a telangiectasia treatment for cosmetic reasons.

Removing Telangiectasia: The Veinwave Treatment Solution

With various telangiectasia treatment options to choose from, it becomes difficult to find the best. 

Veinwave, a state-of-the-art treatment solution, stands tall among the plethora of treatments available today. Yet what makes it so special? Let’s find out:

How It Works: Veinwave employs the technique of thermo-coagulation, using a fine needle to target the affected blood vessels, inducing controlled damage. This damage causes the vessel to collapse, effectively fading the visible red patterns or threadlike structures on the skin.

Tailored for Telangiectasia: Originally conceptualised for thread veins, Veinwave has proved to be exceptionally effective for telangiectasia, particularly those appearing on the face. This precision targeting ensures that the surrounding skin remains unharmed, and only the problematic vessels are treated.

Quick and Efficient: A Veinwave treatment session is relatively short. Most individuals get back to their daily routines very soon after the treatment, making it a favourite among those who lead busy lives.

Minimal Discomfort: Unlike some treatments that might be painful or cause significant discomfort, Veinwave is known for its minimalistic approach. Most patients describe the sensation as similar to the plucking of a hair.

Why Opt for Telangiectasia Treatment?

While telangiectasia is mainly a cosmetic concern, it brings a bag of mixed emotions. Here's why many decide to opt for telangiectasia removal:

Boosted Self-Confidence: With clearer skin, you can feel more confident, letting your true self shine.

Comfort: In some cases, telangiectasia can cause discomfort. Treatment can alleviate this, leading to not just clearer but also more comfortable skin.

Prevention: Early telangiectasia treatment might prevent further development or the widening of existing vessels.

Aesthetic Reasons: Let’s face it; clear skin is always in. By addressing telangiectasia, you’re working towards smoother, clearer, and more radiant skin.

Choose Rippon Medical Services: Your Partner in Clearer Skin

As you ponder over the world of skin telangiectasia and the treatments available, remember that having a trusted partner can make all the difference. That’s where we come in.

A Wealth of Experience: With years of experience in the world of minor surgeries, we bring great expertise and knowledge to the table. Dr Rippon has dealt with multiple cases, each unique and each met with precision and care, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Understanding Your Needs: Every individual and every skin type is different. That’s why we make it a point to understand your specific concerns, tailor our treatments, and ensure you get the best results.

Safety First: All our procedures, be it a telangiectasia treatment or any other, adhere to the highest safety standards. Your well-being remains our topmost priority.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We believe in offering the best. That means we continually update our tools and techniques, ensuring you get the latest and most effective treatment for telangiectasia available.

Ready to get rid of telangiectasia? Book a consultation or get in touch with us now!


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