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Eye Circles

Facial Aesthetic Treatments in Carlisle, Cumbria

About Our Eye Circle Treatment

At Rippon Medical Services, we understand that the delicate and sensitive skin around the eye area is highly susceptible to showing signs of tiredness or ageing. Initially, eye circles become noticeable at the outer corners of the eyes and then gradually extend along the eye contour, thereby resulting in a fatigued and sorrowful appearance. 

This could stem from fatigue, deficient microcirculation, and unhealthy lifestyle choices; however, they are also often hereditary in nature. Our expert doctor understands the concerns and issues that arise with eye circles, and we are committed to helping you look and feel your best.  

If you struggle with annoying eye circles and are looking for fillers for under eye, our esteemed Dr Rippon is here to address your concerns and provide personalised eye fillers tailored to your unique needs. 

After a thorough clinical examination, Dr Rippon will determine the most appropriate treatment for you. Based on the type of eye circle you have and other factors, he will use suitable fillers for under the eyes.  

For instance, our Juvéderm treatment range is primarily focused on both genders that encounter eye circles. As an innovative treatment, the eye fillers are designed to address dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the delicate eye area.  

The fillers for under eye aim to hydrate and revitalise the skin, reducing the appearance of tired and aged eyes. It is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that provides natural-looking results. 

Eye Circle Treatment in Carlisle, Cumbria

What are eye circles?

The skin of the eye area is very sensitive and fragile, easily revealing the signs of fatigue or age. Eye circles appear first at the corner of the eye and then spread on the contour which makes the eyes sad and tired.

What is their origin?

Eye circles can have different origins: fatigue, deficient microcirculation, unhealthy lifestyle, and they are often hereditary.
Are there effective treatments?
From a thorough clinical examination, Dr Rippon will determine the most appropriate treatment. Depending on the type of eye circle, you will be proposed different treatments.

The Advantages of Our Eye Fillers

Our fillers for under eye offer numerous advantages, making them a popular choice among our patients who seek to address dark circles and puffiness around their eyes.  

We primarily target the accumulation of melanin and blood vessels under the skin as this treatment helps to even out the skin tone and restore a more youthful and refreshed look. 

Moreover, our eye fillers effectively reduce puffiness or under-eye bags by diminishing fluid retention in this area, which is often caused by poor lymphatic circulation or unhealthy lifestyle habits. As a result, our patients experience a significant reduction in swelling and achieve a smoother and firmer eye contour. 

In addition to this, eye fillers often incorporate hyaluronic acid, a natural compound that deeply hydrates and plumps the skin. Known to boost hydration levels, this ingredient can improve your skin's elasticity and texture, leading to a diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. 

Eye fillers are minimally invasive in nature making them a favourite among our patients. Most procedures involve quick injections, ensuring little to no downtime for our patients. This means you can resume your daily activities shortly after the procedure.  

Lastly, our eye fillers can be customised to suit each patient's unique needs and concerns. Talk to Dr Rippon to get started on your journey.  

Why Choose Rippon Medical Services?

Trusting Dr Rippon for your eye fillers is imperative to ensure safety, effectiveness, and optimal results. Dr Rippon has the necessary training and expertise to accurately diagnose the underlying causes of dark circles and puffiness while tailoring the treatment plan according to your needs.  

Moreover, he possesses the required skills to perform delicate procedures such as injections around sensitive eye areas, thereby minimising the risk of complications.  

We swear by high-quality products and advanced techniques, ensuring a more natural and long-lasting outcome. Entrusting your eye circle treatment to Dr Rippon offers peace of mind and a higher likelihood of achieving the desired improvements! 


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