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Facial Aesthetic Treatments in Carlisle, Cumbria

Achieve A Smooth and Natural-Looking Result With Radiesse®

Radiesse® dermal fillers have redefined the art of ageing gracefully for many of us. With a unique formulation of Calcium Hydroxylapatite, Radiesse® injections are designed to offer more than just a cosmetic filler. 

They are a preferred choice when it comes to rejuvenating your skin from within, showcasing a smooth and natural-looking result. When compared to ordinary fillers, Radiesse® injections are well-known to help clear your wrinkles whilst awakening the skin’s capability to regenerate collagen. 

It is this very collagen stimulation that explains Radiesse®'s prolonged and natural-looking youthfulness that it is well-renowned. Receiving an FDA approval signifies its significant milestone demonstrating Radiesse® filler’s unwavering dedication to safety and efficacy. 

This accreditation reassures confidence, illuminating Radiesse®'s journey to become a staple in aesthetic practices worldwide. 

It is no wonder we, at Rippon Medical Services, receive several consultation sessions for Radiesse® treatment in Cumbria. Fortunately, with the help of Dr Rippon at Rippon Medical, you too can embark on rejuvenation. 

Book a consultation with us today to take your first step towards clearer skin!

How Radiesse® Injections Restore Lost Volume and Smooth Skin

Radiesse® injections are a game-changing therapy, combining the immediate results of standard fillers with the long-term advantages of stimulating natural collagen.  This method not only addresses present cosmetic problems but also invests in the skin's long-term health and vitality. 

Here are the key features that make Radiesse® a standout option:

Improve Skin Texture and Volume

Radiesse® dermal filler improves skin texture and volume by smoothing moderate to severe wrinkles whilst restoring the volume of your skin that is affected by ageing. This dual action removes the fatigue from your face whilst restoring the youthfulness in your skin, resulting in a revitalised appearance from the inside.

Natural Collagen Production

Radiesse® injections stimulate the body's natural synthesis of collagen, making it more than just a cosmetic filler. As we age, our skin's structure changes with our production of collagen weakening. 

That’s where Radiesse® dermal filler comes in, improving your skin quality from the inside by promoting skin renewal, thereby guaranteeing that the skin gradually regains its suppleness and firmness.

Long-Lasting Results

Our Radiesse® treatments in Cumbria are well-known for their long-lasting effects as many patients witness results that last up to a year. This long-lasting enhancement lessens the need for regular touch-ups, which makes it an economical and time-efficient alternative to maintain attractiveness.

Book a consultation with us today and say hello to rejuvenated and supple skin.

Who Are Radiesse® Fillers Suitable For?

When it comes to Radiesse® fillers, this procedure is most suitable for those seeking effective solutions for their wrinkles and loss of skin volume. It is incredibly helpful for those who wish to opt for a procedure that provides both short and long-term advantages. 

Radiesse® injections usually work best on skin that can benefit from its volumising effects as well as its collagen-stimulating properties, which gradually improve the quality of the skin.

In terms of age, Radiesse® injections are adaptable, appealing to a wide range of people who want to improve their face’s contours or fight the indications of ageing. However, the procedure is especially helpful for people who have skin laxity and obvious volume loss, which frequently worsens with age.

Radiesse® Treatment in Cumbria At Rippon Medical

Starting your journey of Radiesse® treatment in Cumbria is the best way to experience a holistic process of rejuvenation. Here is what you can expect as part of your Radiesse® dermal filler treatment:


A thorough consultation is the first step in your Radiesse® filler journey. To be sure Radiesse® is the right therapy for you, expect a thorough conversation about your medical history, skin condition and cosmetic objectives. 

For instance, at Rippon Medical, Dr. Rippon will conduct a comprehensive consultation with you before you embark on this journey to understand your goals and formulate a customised approach that fits your unique requirements.


Post-Radiesse® Dermal Filler Care With Rippon Medical Services

After completing a Radiesse® dermal filler treatment in Cumbria with Rippon Medical Services, patients typically follow a comprehensive aftercare plan that is tailored to their needs to ensure the best results and healing. 

Patients should refrain from moving or exerting pressure on their treated areas for a minimum of 24 hours after the procedure. This helps to maintain the placement and shape of the filler. 

You may experience mild swelling and redness but this is normal and usually goes away after a few days. Cool packs can help reduce swelling by applying them at short intervals within the first 24 hours. 

We advise you to avoid excessive heat, including saunas and hot baths, as well as direct sunlight, as this too can increase swelling and bruising.

Moreover, it is advised to drink plenty of fluids and keep up with a light skincare regimen, steering clear of harsh treatments or chemically exfoliated products until the skin is completely healed. 

If you have any questions or concerns after your treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rippon Medical Services. We’ll be here to support you at every step of the way.


Why Choose Dr. Rippon for Your Radiesse® Dermal Fillers?

With the many providers of Radiesse® dermal fillers available, making the right decision might appear daunting. Yet, with Dr. Rippon and our dedicated team, the choice becomes much simpler.

Here’s what makes our approach stand out:

Experience and Precision
With years of practice and a wealth of knowledge, Dr. Rippon ensures that every part of your treatment is carried out with precision and care. Rest assured, you are in well qualified and experienced hans.


1. How soon will I see the results?

With visible rejuvenation, you will see an immediate lifting and tightening effect for volume. In addition to acting as a collagen stimulator, Radiesse® produces progressive and long-lasting results.


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