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COVID19 July 2021 Notice

The health, wellbeing and safety of our patients, their families and our community is our priority at Rippon Medical Services Ltd. We fully understand that our patients will be concerned about coronavirus, and we want to assure you that as a company, we’re closely monitoring the evolving situation and following the guidelines issued by the UK Government and Public Health England and taking into account other Government advice.

With the recent changes to Government guidelines, we want to update you on what that means for appointments at Rippon Medical Services Ltd during this time. We are pleased to inform you that Rippon Medical Services Ltd will remain to operate within our Covid-19 Operational Protocols. This will enable us to continue to treat as many of our patients as we can, within the parameters of the government guidelines.

Any patients of Rippon Medical Services Ltd who have concerns to recent/current/past medical aesthetic treatments, please be rest assured that our aftercare policy is still fully comprehensive and inclusive, please email All surgical patients will have regular post-operation contact and can use the 24hour emergency contact number as provided to you in clinic, if you have any problems.

If you would like to book a consultation with Dr Rippon or make a new appointment, please be aware that this will involve a pre-screening (triage) process to check your eligibility for treatment under the latest restrictions.

Rippon Medical Services Ltd are proud to offer our treatments in a CQC registered, clinical environment, ensuring our patients the highest standard of safety, hygiene, treatment and care, so when you visit us at our clinic on Fisher Street, Carlisle you can be assured that you will be in the safest hands. 

Your safety is our number one priority which is why we have strict safety adaptations in place. Please contact Jane-Louise Rippon on 01228 791447 or email to discuss, if you have any questions. Our online booking system is now operational.  Please only book consultation appointments if this is the first time at our clinic.  Any surgical procedures can be booked online once Dr Rippon has seen you in person.


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For your reassurance, we are also registered with Save Face, that is a regulator of healthcare professionals, their standards and accreditation model stipulate that their members operate their practice in accordance with a medical model that have clear clinical guidelines and protocols to which they must adhere to. We operate our practice under these guidelines and in particular during these times we follow the Covid-19 Operational Protocols to which Dr Rippon has been certified against. This policy is in addition to routine infection control, health and safety measures and professional standards. All patients will be triaged to check for eligibility for treatment under the latest restrictions and by any changes in the government guidelines. It should be made clear to all patients that these measures are intended to manage risk and cannot be assumed to completely eliminate any risk of contracting the virus.

Appointment Safety Screenings:

At the initial request for treatment all patients will be assessed against our screening questionnaire including medical suitability, recent symptoms, social and environmental factors. You will also be advised if the treatment you request is being carried out at present depending on the risk assessment for each treatment and for each patient. Prior to coming into the clinic, you must read our Covid-19 consent form and advise us immediately if you have any questions or problems as we can easily reschedule your appointment. When you arrive, please can you call me, Jane-Louise Rippon on 07787541689 so I can let you know if it is safe to come into the clinic and to double check with you that you are not presenting with any of the Covid-19 symptoms or risks. Every patient must sign our COVID-19 consent form as part of our updated risk assessment protocol. This will be given to you via email to read prior to your appointment. We realise that some of you may not have an email address so we are happy to send a copy via a mobile device or in the post. You will still need to sign and complete a Covid-19 consent form on arrival electronically. This process can be done using the correct PPE as per our risk assessment. If you present with COVID symptoms (a cough, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of taste or smell, runny nose, sore throat and/or a fever), or have had contact with someone with COVID symptoms within 14 days of your scheduled appointment, we will ask that you do not attend the clinic, and instead notify me, Jane-Louise Rippon who will offer you another appointment at least 14 days post-onset of symptoms or COVID-19 contact.

Clinic Admission:

For safety purposes, you must attend your appointment on your own. Any person accompanying you will be asked to wait in the car or at a location nearby. As always, in the interest of safety, we also ask that you refrain from bringing children with you to your appointment as those attending with children will not be permitted. To adhere to social distancing only one patient will be allowed in the clinic at any given time. When you arrive, please can you call me on 07787541689 so I can let you know if it is safe to come into the clinic. If you can just bring yourself, fresh faced if appropriate. If you could leave your bags and coat at home or in the car as we have no facilities to store coats or shopping bags (you will be provided with a small basket for your keys/ mobile phone, purse or small bag). This basket is cleaned between each patient. We ask that you only attend your appointment at the given time. On arrival, please wait outside (observing the correct social distancing) until you have been advised to enter the clinic. The clinic will be unlocked by Jane-Louise Rippon or Doctor Rippon when it is safe to do so, we ask that you do not touch the door or handles However, we clean these automatically after anyone enters or leaves the premises. On entering the clinic, your temperature will be taken and you will be given PPE (personal protective equipment) which includes: hand sanitizer, gloves, a mask and overshoes. All patients must make use of the provided PPE before they may enter the clinic.

Patients will then be taken directly to the treatment room. Our waiting room and access to magazines and refreshments will not be available at this time. Our toilet facilities will also not be available, unless in the case of emergency. Doctor Rippon will be wearing personal protective equipment for your and his safety, and endeavour to keep appointment length to a minimum.

Providing Consent:

In place of written consent via paper records, patient consent will henceforth be given via tablet. The tablet can be wiped down with an alcohol wipe before and after every contact.

Payment and In-Clinic Purchases:

Your payment will be taken by card and without contact, so you will be asked to read your card details to Jane-Louise Rippon, and your next appointment will be made by Dr Rippon and or Jane-Louise Rippon and confirmed via email or text. There will be no products or literature in view in reception or anywhere else in the clinic. If you would like to purchase any non-prescription products, this can be ordered over the telephone and delivered to your door via royal mail.

Leaving the Clinic:

There will be a bin at the exit for you to dispose of your protective equipment when leaving, and hand sanitisation will be advised prior to leaving. Jane-Louise Rippon or Dr Rippon will open the door for you so you do not need to touch any surfaces.

Cleaning Protocols:

Each room is surgically cleaned after every patient - as are the toilet facilities if used in an emergency. Please be assured that the entire clinic is cleaned with surgical sanitising fluid every evening.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.

Jane-Louise Rippon

Managing Director

Rippon Medical Services Ltd


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