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Lip filler - is it painful?


In Cumbria, International expert masterclass trained Doctor Adrian Rippon understands that the lips are a sensitive area and that it's not unusual for patients to be concerned about pain and discomfort when undergoing lip filler treatments. 

For this reason, a range of beneficial anesthetic aids are used to provide analgesia for these procedures. Dr Rippon believes it does not need to be painful, therefore he ensures to make treatments as comfortable as possible. This usually include topical anesthetics, premium products containing local anaesthetic, ice packs, injecting local anaesthetic into the gums (Dental Block) or by the use of blunt cannulas. Each of these approaches has advantages and disadvantages when patients undergo treatment with injectable fillers.

Topical anesthetics are relatively easy to use and are simply spread over the area before the procedure. They can take approximately 20 minutes to work and are moderately effective. The application of topical anesthetic is pain free, but doesn't totally alleviate pain from the injection of dermal fillers into the lips or surrounding area. However, the range of premium lip fillers injected by Dr Rippon contain local anaesthetic and for some patients, this is enough to give sufficient pain relief.

For others when being injected with fillers, nerve blocks with local anesthetic are extremely effective. This procedure is performed by infiltrating local anesthetic intra-orally in the area of the infra orbital and mental nerves. This effectively provides anesthesia of the upper and lower lips and surrounding areas. This approach provides excellent anesthesia which is almost instantaneous.

When this approach is used, patients don't experience pain when fillers are injected. Unfortunately, this numbness may last for 2 to 4 hours. During this period, patients may have difficulty with eating, speaking and may even drool.

Pain tolerance varies from patient to patient and for this reason anesthesia needs to be tailored to each patient. Consultation with Dr Rippon who is familiar with these anesthetic techniques is appropriate in assessing which method would be suitable for you.

Advances in facial aesthetics has brought about the use of blunt cannulas and has offered practitioners the choice of managing individual lip augmentation experiences. Dr Rippon uses this method by creating a very small entry hole either above the top lip or under the lower lip. This can be done after applying topical anesthetic cream to the area and results in both upper and lower lips being augmented with little swelling or bruising due to the lips being minimally traumatised.

Many of Dr Rippon's patients report going straight back to their everyday activities without the  downtime which may be experienced with traditional lip filler techniques.

For more information contact Rippon Medical Services on 01228 791447 or book online for a consultation.

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Monday, 22 April 2024

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