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5 Non Surgical Nose Reshaping Myths Debunked

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Non surgical nose reshaping , has gained significant popularity in recent years. Previously, the only way to change the shape of your nose was by rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a surgical nose reshaping procedure aimed at altering the shape, size or structure of the nose. Usually, the procedure is executed for cosmetic purposes, but it is also helpful for addressing functional problems such as breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum.

Despite non surgical nose reshaping gaining worldwide popularity, several myths still revolve around it. There are many factors contributing to those myths, including a limited understanding of the procedure, the spread of misinformation, unrealistic expectations, and exaggerating the procedure.

To combat these myths, we have prepared this guide to help you understand Rhinoplasty and Non surgical nose reshaping, helping to dispel common misconceptions that may be associated with this procedure.

Let's debunk those nose reshaping myths! 

1. Rhinoplasty Mean Long Recovery Times!

It is often thought that rhinoplasty comes with a painful recovery period. This is often the case!  Rhinoplasty is a surgical reshaping procedure that can be painful and require long recovery periods.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty on the other hand uses dermal fillers, which is known to offer minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. Prior to the treatment, a topical numbing cream may be used as a local anaesthetic to numb the nasal area. This allows patients to experience less discomfort for when the dermal fillers are injected. Moreover, the dermal fillers that are injected contain local anaesthetic, which further reduces any sensations of pain.

Following the procedure, it is normal for patients to experience some mild swelling, redness or bruising. However, these effects are usually temporary and manageable, so there's no need to be concerned.

Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, non surgical nose reshaping without surgery offers a quicker recovery period, allowing individuals to return to their daily activities almost immediately. 

2. There Is No One-Size-Fits-All For Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

Contrary to the myth, there is no one-size-fits-all non surgical nose reshaping procedure that works for everyone.

Every patient has a distinct nasal and facial structure which is why non-surgical nose reshaping is personalised. The expertise of a skilled doctor is used to address specific concerns of each patient, devising a personalised treatment that may address the softening of any bumps, lifting the nasal tip, or improving nose symmetry.

Since this procedure involves nose reshaping without surgery, the one-size-fits-all rule does not apply to this method. By consulting a specialised doctor, individuals can gauge a precise understanding of their facial aesthetic preferences to help the doctor give them a desirable look.

In this way, doctors can tailor the non-surgical rhinoplasty approach, dispelling the myth that a single technique fits everyone. 

3. Rhinoplasty is Not Just for Cosmetic Concerns 

Beyond cosmetic concerns, rhinoplasty is performed for other valid, non-cosmetic reasons as well.

The procedure is often used to address body functional issues, such as breathing difficulties or septum imbalance. Through rhinoplasty, plastic surgeons can improve airflow within the nose, alleviating problems such as snoring and improving the overall nasal function.

Moreover, both surgical and non surgical nose reshaping possess several psychological benefits. Individuals who suffer from congenital or post-traumatic deformities may improve their self-esteem and confidence by undergoing nose reshaping treatments.

Therefore, surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty is not exclusively for cosmetic concerns. In fact, it is used to offer functional and psychological benefits, allowing you to achieve a facial appearance that has long-lasting effects. 

4. Results Are Fast But Not Immediate 

Whilst it is true that nose reshaping yields maximum effectiveness in the appearance of your nose, the notion of an instantaneous transformation is misleading.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure of nose reshaping without surgery. Typically, it involves the use of dermal fillers along with hyaluronic acid to alter the shape of the nose to achieve the desired look. Although the procedure doesn't take long, having immediate results is not entirely possible.

Post the procedure, patients are expected to wait a few days to allow the fillers to settle. They are also advised to be patient during and after the procedure to allow the tissues around the nose to integrate with the filler and for the swelling to subside.

If you have any doubts or concerns related to nose reshaping, connect with our experienced team to get more insights on non-surgical rhinoplasty.

5. No Scarring With Non-Surgical Nose Procedures!

In contrast to surgical rhinoplasty, non-surgical nose reshaping doesn't require any cuts or sutures.

Due to the usage of dermal fillers for nose reshaping, this treatment is prized for its minimal to non-existent scarring. Professionals use nose reshaping tools to inject local anaesthetic and dermal fillers under the skin's surface to sculpt and integrate into the nose. As this procedure is administered without scalpels, it leaves no scars.

Moreover, minimal invasiveness results in no stitches or cuts. Thereby, making non surgical rhinoplasty a desirable treatment for individuals seeking subtle yet effective cosmetic improvement for nose reshaping. 

Choose Rippon Medical Services for Nose Reshaping today! 

In essence, misconceptions surrounding treatments such as nose reshaping can instil fear and hesitation among individuals. By seeking professional advice, individuals can dispel myths and gain enough clarity to make informed decisions and embrace the transformation with greater ease.

Rippon Medical Services stands out as an excellent choice for individuals seeking non-surgical rhinoplasty. We offer an unwavering commitment to excellence and patient-centred care with the highest standard of medical expertise. Furthermore, we offer a personalised approach, tailored to each patient's unique needs and preferences, ensuring natural-looking results.

What's more, along with nose reshaping, we also offer skin rejuvenation services to deal with acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and several skin condition treatments to help you achieve a desirable and radiant look.

Explore our treatments or get in touch with us to find out what's in store for you!

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